Hand decorated inlaid marble tables and objects from the artisan workshop Arte Decorativa, Florence
Marble Tables:
chiseled and
decorated by hand

The Ancient Art of Marble Inlay

Just two steps away from the Old Bridge is located the Florentine workshop of Simone Fiordelisi (who carryes on his father's tradition), where the ancient art of scagliola inlay, born in Italy at the end of 16th Century, lives again.

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Through a long process and much patience, as well as Mr. Fiordelisi's passion for his trade, these inlays are created: the decorations are engraved by hand with hammer and chisels and then filled with scagliola or mosaic, smoothed and polished.
Tables, pictures, panels and small marble objects can also be realized following the customers' own designs and obtain such a splendor that they can be considered unique works of art, destined to increase in value over the years.

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It is with great pride that Simone welcomes you to his workshop: whit his experience he will be able to advise you for the best choice of patterns and colours and for the right base in marble, wood or wrought iron for your marble table - all this studied bearing in mind the ambience (interiors as well as exteriors) where these unique pieces will be located.

Thanks to these premises you will rediscover the ancient artistic traditions and skilled craftmanship that have always been a hallmark of Florence.

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