Hand decorated inlaid marble tables and objects from the artisan workshop Arte Decorativa, Florence
Unique pieces
real artworks

Various Objects

Jewelry Box with Flowers, cm. 12,5 x 10 x 5,5 H., 5"x4"x2"H.
Mercury. Marble statue, height 22,4 "
Marble boy. Height 28 ".
Box with Doves, 6,6"x2,7".
Boxes - Available in various sizes.
Inlaid marble fireplace
Picture Frame with Flowers, 7,8"x11,8".
Piazza de' Pitti, 2,3"x2,7".
Mirror Frame in Black Marble with Birds, Grapes and Roses, 31,5"x47".
Pin with Flowers, 1,7"x1,2".
Pin, 1,1"x1,6", with earrings, 0,5"x0,7".
Pin with Rose and Flower, 0,9"x0,7".
Paper-weight with Lily of Florence, 3,3"x4,1"x1.
Lily of Florence, 0,7"x0,5".
Fireplace in Chiselsd Sandstone, 59"x47".
Jewelbox with Doves, 7"x7"x5".
Small Jewelbox, 2,7"x3,1"x1,5".
Box with Flowers, diameter 2,7".

Official website of Arte Decorativa, Florence. Florentine craftmanship: the art of mosaic and scagliola inlay, hand decorated marble tables with scagliola or mosaic. Hand made inlaid marble tables and objects made in Florence. Marble tables decorated with florentine mosaics or scagliola inlay. Bespoke design and restoration of marble tables and marble objects.

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